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About Aditi

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Welcome to Aditi ‘s Intuitive world…
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From a young age, She had an intense connection with the spiritual world . Her abilities allow her to pick up information and feelings from people as well as vibrations and messages from spirits and souls. Using her special gift She shows light to the people who are seeking clearity. whether it be answers regarding your present, past, or future. It’s been her experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to find the answers they have buried inside.

Whether this is your first visit to our site, or you’re a returning visitor, We would like to thank you for believing. Aditi has helped Thousands of people worldwide through her psychic and intuitive abilities . She is guiding people through her Intuitive Tarot readings , Vastu, consultation and spell casting / healing !

Lets All connect to our angels and get the solutions to our problems(Finance, Career, Job, Marriage, Relationship, Health, Family issues, Past-Life Regression).
Together we will journey into your past, current and future to find the answers you are looking for🙏

Awards & certifications
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Our Services

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As we feel that nothing can be predicted without deeply analyzing every tiniest details of the person.


Numerological Analysis

Past Life Reading

Spell Casting

Life Coaching

Lama Fera

Candle Spells

Reiki Healing

Spell Caster

Relationship Solution Specialist

10 Mahavidya ( Maa Kaali Healings )

Vastu Consultation Charges


Name Correction Charges


Numerological Analysis And Numerological Correction



Normal Spells are performed by normal usual candles like ordinary red, white or black candles and power spells are done with the help of strong ingredients by using specific candles for specific reason which make it more powerful. Power spell candles are generally more expensive than normal ones, and ingredients like clove oil, kesar etc are also used . That it why power spells are better than normal spells. POWER SPELLS ARE COMBINATION OF TWO OR MORE SPELLS ‘ WITH WORKS MORE EFFECTIVELY !

Spell Casting Services

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Normal Candle Spells

We believe in the power of angels and cosmic energies. We intend to provide you the best solution of your problems related to any sector of your life especially LOVE | MARRIAGE | BUSINESS | FINANCES | CAREER.

Energy check is important through tarot session if we are performing the Spells selected below:

If you facing problem in your relationship like:

Go for our Reconcillation Spell | Love Relationship | Healing Spell and Obsession Spell for 21 days to observe changes and results in 30 days.

All the spells will be performed for 21 days! Updates of spell will be given after it’s performed and the video of the spell will be shared on our Instagram page on the day of spell starting!

Power Spells

All the spells will be performed for 21 days! Updates of spell will be given after it’s performed and the video of the spell will be shared on our Instagram page on the day of spell starting!

Precautions to be taken while performing spells by the client

Our Latest Blogs

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